We all want the best for our loved ones.  We want to provide for them, both now and after we’re gone.  We work hard throughout our lives so that we may have something to pass on to our families, but without a well thought-out estate plan, much of those hard-earned savings may end up lining the pockets of the government, or (worse still) lawyers, rather than going to the people you love.  Now, we know that people – especially husbands, in our experience – tend to put off planning for their own death.  (Suddenly all those chores that have gone ignored for months begin to look more interesting.)  We understand this.  But we don’t think of estate planning as “planning for death”.  As you will see, a lot of estate planning actually involves you while you’re still alive.  So instead we look on it as “taking control today, for tomorrow”.  Careful planning now can save tens of thousands of dollars in the future – sometimes a great deal more.  Just as importantly, it will also spare your family heartache, frustration, and delay at a difficult time.  And it will give you peace of mind, knowing that you have provided the best for your family, whatever lies ahead.  It is, we believe, the greatest gift you can give to those you leave behind.


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